Static Guards

Wollongong City Security is focused on the satisfaction of its customers. We offer an interactive and highly adaptable approach to security, providing a service that is tailored for our clients in accordance with their specific needs. Wollongong City Security is dedicated to excellence in customer service and communication, and have trained and experienced employees working around the clock to help ensure the safety of our customers.

Our Static Guards can assist you with:
  • Keeping out unwanted guests
  • Car park patrols
  • Welcoming and signing in guests or clients
  • Patrolling of construction sites
  • Car or property security for conferences
  • Commercial Concierge
  • Crowd control
  • Crowd control


At Wollongong City Security we provide our customers with discreet, trained and experienced staff who understand the need to be professional. Recruitment is tailored to the specific post, providing the best possible match of security officers to customer needs.


Wollongong City Security believes quality training is the key to professional service. Each officer completes the security training course certified by the NSW Police Force and the Security Industry Licencing Directorate, including field note taking, report writing, emergency response, New South Wales law, powers and authority and much more. On the job training is site specific and tailored to each duty post. Standard Operating Procedures are given to guards as a reference and training guide. Worksite Hazard and Risk Assesments are also filled out by guards to ensure they are aware of their duties in relation to health and safety.


Wollongong City Security ensures that employees are supervised through various methods. Welfare checks are completed by our patrolmen, controlroom and supervisors to ensure excellent performance and professional standards of appearance. Wollongong City Security also uses the latest technology to monitor the activity of guards through the Uniguard system. (Please view “Using the latest technology”)


Wollongong City Security have a 24 hour dispatch system. Supervisors are available to immediately respond to any serious incident that might occur on your property and serve as a backup to assist local authorities, your personnel, or our Security officers.


Employees are licensed under the NSW Security Licencing and Enforcement Directorate and NSW Police Force. We are in compliance with all federal and state requirements regarding workers compensation, public liability and industry standards.