Scheduled Patrols

Wollongong City Security realise that there are a significant number of threats to which your business is exposed to. Staff safety, vandalism and damage to your assets can have a devastating effect on your business and its ability to function. Wollongong City Security’s random mobile patrols are a cost effective solution for protecting your business when you are not present to do so.
Wollongong City Security’s mobile patrol guards physically check doors, windows, surroundings and the interior and exterior of your property. Our mobile patrols can be adapted to meet your time requirements. Wollongong City Security will provide a Mobile Occurrence Report within twenty-four hours for any incidents that may occur while on patrol.
Mobile Patrol guards are also available for escorting staff during high-risk daily procedures, such as the locking and unlocking of buildings, cash pick-ups and deliveries. Additionally, mobile patrol guards are trained to conduct monthly inspections and provide lock-out services for apartments.

Our mobile patrol guards can assist you with:
  • External and internal property checks
  • Staff welfare checks
  • Staff escorts
  • Opening and closing of your premises
Wollongong City Security mobile patrol vehicles are fitted with GPS Tracking Devices
Wollongong City Security’s vehicles are built with GPS tracking devices. This allows Wollongong City Security to track every movement of each vehicle on the road and access historical data including route travelled and time spent at specific locations. This has helped Wollongong City Security improve efficiency, increase productivity and reduce operating costs. Wollongong City Security can now validate mobile patrols and alarm responses to clients.
Wollongong City Security’s mobile patrol officers utilise state of the art data management systems
Wollongong City Security use a fully comprehensive guard monitoring system. Using microchip technology, Wollongong City Security use systems that are able to track employee/guard movements over the course of their shift, and even assign them a pre-determinedpatrol route through the use of an electronic baton with internal memory and a seriesoftagswhich hold information and can be securely mounted in strategic places in the patrol area.Clients will then receive a report which is generated by the recorder and shows theclient the exact timing of actions throughout the night of the shift.