Wollongong City Security & Electrical – Electricians in Wollongong
At Wollongong City Security & Electrical we pride ourselves on supplying quality work, cost effective solutions and an end result where the client’s needs have been met or exceeded.

We have been servicing the Wollongong market for over 10 years and have built a reputation locally as the trusted Security & Electrical company, with our fleet constantly driving around the Illawarra it’s hard not to notice us!

All our work is guaranteed, insured and our electricians are licensed and qualified. Our pricing is competitive!!!

All costs and work to be carried out will be itemized and explained in detail prior to commencement of work.

We pride ourselves in offering a transparent service with full disclosure so there is no confusion for our clients.

Residential, Commercial and IndustrialElectrical services we provide :
Switches and BreakersDimmer switches allow you to add ambience to your room by setting just the right amount of light for any setting; entertaining, reading, dinning etc. Installing dimmer switches to certain rooms in your home is a simple and a cost-effective way to have more control over your lighting solution.

Lighting and FansWe offer a full range of interior/exterior lighting options and electrical installation services. Whether it is one downlight, a custom kitchen lighting layout or a comprehensive outdoor security lighting solution, we have the necessary tools, knowledge and experience to turn your plan into reality.

Electrical Panels and WiringYour electrical service panel can handle only so much. Older homes were not designed with today’s technology in mind. Electrical products such as Tv’s, air conditioners, Fridges, Washing Machines, Dryers, Cooktops all add a workload to your electrical panel. At a certain point, and regardless of the age of your home, your electrical service panel can be tapped to full capacity (all circuit breaker slots filled up). If you wish to add one more circuit to power, a new appliance or device the only thing to do is upgrade to a larger size and higher capacity electrical panel box.

Appliances & Kitchen/Bathroom RemodelingAdding a brand-new kitchen or new appliance to your home is always a great idea, this will reduce your energy bill, give your home a modern feel, not to mention adding value to your home and maximize the available floor space.

TV – Telephone – Data Communication cables, wiring and connectionsOur TV/Phone/Data wiring and cabling service technicians are fully trained in installing all types of electrical and telephone cables from antenna, cable/satellite TV coaxial cable, computer network data – CAT 5e, CAT 6 – cables. We hand measure and custom fit each run to ensure a tidy and clean looking finish. In most cases TV data wires and cables will be hidden in the walls, so there is no untidy looking cables near your equipment.

Our commercial electricians have extensive experience in delivering medium to large commercial electrical jobs on time and within budget. We are local to Wollongong and have local knowledge, which gives us an advantage over any out of town or Sydney Electrical contractors such as:

  • Timely and efficient local workers and staff
  • Peace of mind – If something goes wrong we are local and can services issues quickly
  • Local guarantee on all work
  • Local follow up to make sure all is working correctly

We also understand the high standard of work that needs to be upheld when working on corporate and local businesses in Wollongong. For example, certain conditions like salty air, humidity, coastal winds and heat can put your commercial electrical equipment under pressure. This is why we pay attention to detail at the highest standard and give you a transparent solution that will uphold the highest standards of workmanship and safety. We are sensitive about the disruptive effects of electrical work done while you are open for business, which is why our professionals will work with you before or after office hours when needed.

Some of the commercial electrical works we provide to the Illawarra :

  • Commercial & industrial electrical services
  • Design
  • Power
  • Switchboards
  • Level 2 ASP
  • Tenancy metering
  • Exit and emergency lighting, including periodical testing and reporting
  • Fire detection, including emergency warning and intercommunication systems
  • Underground/overhead cabling, including trenchless technology
  • Test tagging
  • Occupational health and safety testing
  • Project management
  • Total electrical service solution
  • Building maintenance services
  • Metering