You can’t be everywhere at once, but your Wollongong City Security video surveillance systemcan. Wollongong City Security surveillance systems provide outstanding image clarity, powerful and easy-to-use features, and simplified access to live and stored video.

Video surveillance provides valuable insights into your operations that would otherwise be unattainable and should be an integral part of your company’s security plan. In addition to providing a visual record of incidents at your company, the presence of surveillance cameras can be a powerful deterrent.

A surveillance system is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Wollongong City Security’s managed video surveillance is the simplest, most reliable way to implement video surveillance. We will be with you from design and installation to ongoing service and support. Wollongong City Security provides several innovative value-added services to enhance the value of your surveillance system. Remote video surveillance lets you keep an eye on your business no matter where you are, and our video clip retrieval helps you find and preserve recording.Wollongong City Security’s video surveillance systems can integrate with security systems and managed access control systems to provide even greater protection.

Professional design, expert installation, and dependable service is what Wollongong City is all about.