Bureau Monitoring

Whether you have 1 client or a 1000, we will always provide you with our highest standard of customer service. There are a number of things we can offer. Wollongong City Security can save you time, resources and money by taking responsibility of all your monitoring.

  • Use of your own ’13’ receiver numbers
  • FREE emailed daily incident reports
  • Your own block of account codes
  • After hours answering service

VideoFied Monitoring
Videofied is a wireless self-powered alarm with built in Video Verification. A video monitoring solution that is completely wireless. This system can be installed in half the time compared to hard wired camera equipment. Videofied sends a 10 second black & white video clip to our control room where we can confirm the cause of the alarm. Videofied is a very cost effective way to have cctv monitoring for your premises.

Permaconn GPRS is a data network that enables always ON connections. The General Packet Radio Service is a brilliant technology designed to deliver high-speed data over the existing GSM infrastructure. The data link between the Outstation and the Central station is active at all times, allowing the devices to exchange messages at any time. There are no phone call charges or call establishing delays as with the better known GSM services.

Permaconn is the only system that roams from one service provider to another in the event of an outage or any other technical difficulty.
The remote GPRS unit connects to the alarm panel via a dialer or serial interface. The GPRS unit remains online all the time, once enrolled into the system. The Alarm panel sends its data using the Permaconn GPRS network. If the Permaconn unit looses connectivity, it will automatically switch to the other network. The Central Station Receiver Unit (CSRU) receives the data and sends it to the automation software for processing. If one CSRU looses connectivity, the Central station simply switches to the secondary CSRU. The Permaconn GPRS system operates in private networks provided by Optus and Telstra. The VPN guarantees that all data transmitted and received is secure. Further all messages are encrypted end to end using the international Advanced Encryption Standard (AES128).

Telstra Secure
Telstra Secure is a new high-security solution that provides services that are monitored by a centralised monitoring centre. It is the next generation of security services designed to provide businesses with a flexible, industry certified and secure monitoring system. The Telstra Managed Security Monitoring Solution is an integrated service operating over both wireless and wireline technologies.

By utilising ADSL and wireless technologies over the Telstra Next IP™ network, it provides a comprehensive, back-to-base security and remote video monitoring system with wider coverage, better cost-efficiencies and stronger security. It’s the latest best-of-breed high-security back-to-base alarm monitoring service, and the only security service in Australia that is third party accredited to AS2201.5 standards (Levels 1 to 5, 1992 and 2008 edition).